Dancing with the Stars Season 19 Week 6: So Was It Pitbull Night Or Something? ›


I am serious with that title. I really am not sure what tonight’s theme was. And no one say Muy Caliente night because, no. Anyway, I don’t really like Pitbull’s music. Well I haven’t liked it since 2008. That being said, Fireball is a decent song and the opener was fine until all the men left and…


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Derek and Sadie on Bethany & Mark’s dance [x]


Bethany: can I teach you? (x)


EXCLUSIVE : Bethany and Derek Tango Rehearsal

"Now we’re going to talk about our partners: Mark and Derek. What’s something that annoys you about him?" [x]


proud isn’t even a word

Best of Bethany & Derek Mark  [Hip-Hop; Week 5]

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